Its 3am…..why are you still here?

Cheaters never win
but they tend to get sex more
you don’t talk to jumpoffs
what you think a text for
we barely speak to loved ones
so of course we don’t acknowledge whores
play your position
face in the head boards
don’t try to kiss me
we not gonna cuddle
X’s and O’s
girl stop
I don’t love you
if you will take a inch
I’ll give you the whole mile though
I’m not gonna pay you
so technically your not a hoe
you got daddy issues
so lets make it official
sex when I want it
toss you like a tissue
Please don’t get upset ladies
you know your crew got one
the chick that chase men to be a wife
when they got one
and take a late night trip
so they can get they pussy poppin
back seat of the car
bent over panties droppin
shower up wipe me down
bent over
waiting patiently for another round
sorry I’m good
Its over
these are somethings that you jumpoffs allow


About Young_Hemingway

I'm average. My Life ain't been no crystal stair, as Langston Hughes would put it. I'm a man without a plan, because men with plans will lie and cheat there way to its completion. No, I am a homunculus made from the excess of the 80's and poverty of the Crack addicted 90's. I'm a jaded, deluded, violent, creation of a society bent on creating more intelligent engines of destruction while maintaining a verbal stance of non violence and equality for all. I am a lie. I can be anything I want to be as long as its a rapper, or comic, athlete, or some other form of entertainer. I am nothing more than amusement to the "Haves", and an outsider to the "Have nots". So screw it, who cares if I stray off the beaten path and bulldoze my own way.
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