Bottle of Regret

Sometimes I get tipsy and reminisce 

about the first time we did just more than kiss

I didn’t know how we’d get control of this

Havin sex all day is what I really miss

Laying up when we tired before the next round

Talking about the freaky shit that just went down

Know damn well we were compatible

Didn’t care what world said it didn’t matter to you

But time goes by 

Life moves forward

Past in the rear 

And I got spoiled 

Take another sip 

Resist the urge to call you

Go back to bed and you’ll feel better tomorrow 

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Be Aggressive B B Aggressive

Woke it this morning took the elevator and I smacked the first person I saw!


Hopped in my four door with the Hemi motor burnt rubber told them catch me if you can!


I’m being aggressive, fuck how the rest live, I don’t have plan but I know how to ad lib, living life as a savage, way above average, I tried responsibility but fuck that you can have it

I can’t laugh at bullshit, I can’t smile at fucking lames, I don’t give mutherfuck I could say they fuckin names, but really what does it matter, I can’t get any sadder, I’m looking for some graves so I can relive my bladder

Damn, to far fuck it lol

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Petty Thoughts

I should probably smile when I see you loving life with another dude
But I’d hate
And probably put some petty shit in your comments to
I not mad
I made decisions
you did too
But I’m sick to my stomach when I see pics of you
I wish I had good thoughts to fall back on
But the way my life is presently
My regrets list is to long
So I hate when I get time to think
Plus social media’s a constent way to see mistakes you’ve made that cause you to drink
So in truth I wish all those I’ve lost the best
While I sit here thinking of how to put petty thoughts to rest.

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Day Dreams of 3D

Vacation in the Caymans 

Getting blowed off

She take good Dictation

Dick Tracy

No relation

If it wasn’t for air 

I’d never see her face then

In the car racin

She can’t get enough 

She like to drive stick shift 

Shiftin gears rough


Open my eyes I’m still at work

Cayman island dreaming like a jerk. 

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Random for Random sake

Well its been awhile since I’ve written and so much has happened in my life.  I’m curious as to what I’m going to do with the remainder of my life.  I feel like I’m at an awkward age where I’m still young enough to want adventure and excitement but old enough to know where to draw the line.  I think I make the worst decisions.  Its a lot easier to avoid bad situations for yourself but not as easy when it comes to people.  How is it that I’m hardly ever happy?  It just seems like there is no ultimate recipe for happiness.  It almost seems as if life is purposefully changing to ensure my unhappiness.  If I want sex I cant have it.   If I get sex its not good.  If I can get to a gym I get hurt.  If I get the job I want it turns out to suck.  Always in the distance is something that seems better but the second I grab for it it turns out to be a sham.  I’m confused as to how people get along through life.  Marriage for me seems like more of a second cubicle job.  Its all about bills and cleaning a house.  Should blackmen even get married?  Some of my married friends are happy.  Ugh I don’t know.

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Friend Girls, not Girlfriends

loving you

is easy because your beautiful

but I don’t really like you

I beat it up out of spiteful


its easy

you tend to give it up so much

so sad

you realize its probably your best quality

after one conversation with you I wish you constantly stay hopped up on molly B

B don’t stand for Beyoncé

its more cuz your raunchy

sexy body a lot of hot tamales wish they had your grande assets

but past that your a basket case

with a pretty face

by 40 you wont keep up the  pace

so know your place

settle down get a personality

or fall victim to the ultimate finality

finale B

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Fuck in Therapy

I’m trying to lean back like my hairline
Mile high club
Fuck a chick on a airline
She’s fine
A five at best
But if I fuck two of em
That’s a ten or less
I got stress on my mind
Whole lot of issues
Niggas cry about it
But I’m all out of tissues
Fuckin won’t solve
Might feel better alittle
Im diggin a chick out
Malcom in the middle
Any means necessary
Guns by the window
Fuck in front of a mirror
See what I get into
Easy to figure it out
Complex like a riddle
Scrolling through my phone
Hell yea I’m bout to hit you

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